Art historian and philosopher. Primary education and academic high-school graduation in Linz. Master studies and doctoral programmes in theology, art history and philosophy in Linz, Salzburg, Munich and Basel.

Since 1996, Professor for Art History and Aesthetics at the Philosophy and Art History Faculty of the Catholic Private University in Linz; guest lectures and professorships at various Austrian, German and Swiss universities; concepts for international conferences and workshops, lectures and talks in the fields of education, universities and museums; exhibition curatorships, consulting and juror activities.

2003–2013 Deputy Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, 2005–2014 Chair of the Institute of Art History and Philosophy “ad instar facultatis” (IKP) Linz, 2007–2011 Deputy Chairperson of the Austrian Association of Art Historians.

Seit 2014 regelmäßige Forschungsaufenthalte in Basel, Schweiz; seit 2019 zudem in Krakau, Polen.