Im Vorbeigehen. Art at KU Linz

Im Vorbeigehen (Passing By) is the title of an art project that took place at the private university from 2000 to 2021:
Each semester, one artist was invited to leave visual traces at selected locations in the spacious building. There were presented very different artistic positions, media and contents. There were shown works by Lorenz Estermann, Maja Vukoje, Julius Deutschbauer and Birgit Petri, among others.
From 2000 to 2012 the curatorship was carried out together with Johanna Schwanberg, since 2013 together with Julia Allerstorfer. In 2011, the first 19 contributions, combined with theoretical reflections, were published under the title Was spricht das Bild? , and the series was then continued as Im Vorbeigehen II.

With Im Vorbeigehen II/19: Dwa / Fünf a presentation by Polish artist Monika Drożyńska, marked the end of this successful 20-year project in 2021. A video documentation by Alba Diaz provides an insight into this multifaceted presentation.

In 2022, a follow-up volume to "Was spricht das Bild?", edited together with Franziska Heiß, was published under the title Was sagt die Kunst? It documents and theoretically reflects the other 19 exhibitions in image and text.

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Museum und Stadtraum

Jakob Gasteiger – Andreas Werner – Johannes Deutsch, Spring 2022
Three individual artistic positions encounter each other in the rooms of Wasserschloss Parz (Innviertel, Upper Austria).

More information about the exhibition at Galerie Schloss Parz with further links to the artists.

wolfram zaunmüller. die ernte auf thotzenplotzen, spring 2020
accompanying the exhibition there was published the book die ernte auf thotzenplotzen with texts by monika leisch-kiesl and wolfram zaunmüller as well as drawings of the artist.

first print of 75 pieces, 25 pieces as numbered special edition with an original graphic of wolfram zaunmüller.

galerie hofkabinett

PASSION ART. The Rombold Collection, 2020
In March 2002 Linz theologian, philosopher, art expert and retired university professor Günter Rombold presented his significant art collection to the State of Upper Austria. This collection of more than 500 works ranges from Modern Art with a focus on Expressionism and works by Upper Austrian master of drawing Alfred Kubin right up to contemporary painting, graphics and sculpture after 1945. Following his death in December 2017, more than 200 further works from his estate came into the collection at the Landesgalerie.

A selection of these significant collections are now being presented to the public. The exhibition pursues the question of the emotionality and sensuality of art, concepts closely related to expressivity. More light is also shed on the different forms of viewing art and thus on questions of perception. Both are matters which Günter Rombold represented throughout his life in his collecting activities and also in his teaching. Austrian artists such as Siegfried Anzinger and Maria Lassnig will be on display as well as works by masters of world renown such as Max Beckmann, Lovis Corinth and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. A special focus of his collection activity was the work of Arnulf Rainer, which will be presented in a separate room.

Alfred Kubin will also be especially honoured within this exhibition. With the aid of the more than 100 drawings by Kubin contained in the Rombold collection, the Kubin Cabinet at the Landesgalerie Linz will shed light on the special relationship between the art theoretician and theologian Günter Rombold and Kubin.

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A catalogue containing the whole inventory of the Rombold collection is published in connection with the exhibition.

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n e x u s. Artistic Interventions in Urban Space, 1998

In the context of the European Cultural Month Linz 1998 we undertook an artistic research exploring the institutional and social area between the Riverside Church and Ars Electronica Center. Twelve national and international artists, including Ivan Kafka, Flora Neuwirth, Imogen Stidworthy and Martin Walde, were invited to take part in the project, developing site specific interventions in the form of objects, installations and videos. The urban space project , curated together with Johanna Schwanberg created site-specific interventions in the form of objects, installations, audio dramas and videos. In an Edited Volume, designed together with Richard Ferkl, the individual projects were presented and theoretically discussed from various sociological, art-scientific, theological and philosophical perspectives.

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augenstücke at Stadtmuseum Nordico Linz, 1997-1998

As part of the role as co-curator (together with Peter Kraml, ORF Linz) for the city of Linz, artworks by emerging artists were not just acquired but also continually presented under the heading augenstücke (pieces for the eye).