Scholarly Series

Linzer Beiträge zur Kunstwissenschaft und Philosophie

2008 – 2015: together with Michael Hofer; 2016 – currently: together with Stephan Grotz
transcript: Bielefeld

Philosophy and art have a common history and are, although thoroughly different in form, at least in the occident, always related to each other. As far back as we can consider, questions concerning representation, be it in language, script or image have been a vital topic of philosophical consideration. Art, on the other side, be it explicit or not, continuously reflects philosophical problems. As philosophy was characterized as «her time captured in thoughts» (Hegel), one may say that art is her time conceived in images. During the twentieth century, as self-reflection and theoretical discourse became an integral part of an artwork, the proximity between art and philosophy became even closer.
This book series aims to intensify the collaboration between art history, art theory, aesthetics and philosophy. Additionally, it intends to raise questions that are of current interest to one of the named disciplines.

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kunst und kirche. Zeitschrift für Kritik, Ästhetik und Religion

2002 – 2007: together with Horst Schwebel
2007 – 2020: together with Thomas Erne
Springer Verlag (2007 – 2013) / Medecco Holding (2013 – ): Wien

Are there any remarkable new churches built in recent times? Can we relate certain phenomena of contemporary architecture to particular religious traditions? In what ways does contemporary art transform Christian subjects? And, what is the role of art in transcultural and interreligious dialogues? The magazine includes articles and essays which contribute to recent discussions and offer thought-provoking impulses, by both prestigious and young authors. Reports assessing remarkable exhibitions, significant events, information concerning interesting renovations or reconstructions of church buildings, and reviews of recent publications, build a forum for discussion in a vital crossover of contemporary art, architecture and religion.

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